Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Bangaloreans,

Among pollution concerns of air, water, land, and noise, the noise pollution is the one that has the potential for the most damage to humans and wildlife. It is a hidden health hazard that impacts our physical, psychological and intellectual well-being. There is so much noise around, but unlike our eyes, we can't shut our ears.

Louder than a jetThe increasing number of vehicles has made Bangalore one of the noisiest cities. Various studies show that the decibel level of traffic is increasing by the day, and has crossed the maximum permissible limit (on any road, it is 80 decibels); sometimes it's even louder than a jet taking off . Damage to health begins at 75 db. Hearing damage begins at 90 db and can be permanent loss of Hearing with one exposure of 120 db or more".

Besides warnings by the World Health Organization, the Supreme Court had also passed an order directing all state governments to initiate action against noise pollution. The Union ministry of environment had asked the states to forward an action taken report, compiling details on the measures initiated to curb the menace.

Request to Citizens to Avoid Honking:
*Clear Intersections
*Straight Roads
*Green Signals
*Silent Zones (Schools, Colleges, Courts & HOSPITALS)
*NIGHT TIMES (7pm onwards)
* Burning Crackers beyond 7pm in the evening
*Loudspeakers beyond 7pm in the evening

Request to Authorities to Impliment laws:
*Ban 2 Stroke Vehicles
*Ban Multi-Horns
*Ban Vehicles with out Silencer
*Ban Burning Crackers beyond 7pm in the evening
*Ban Loudspeakers beyond 7pm in the evening
*Ban Commercial shops produce noise over & above 70dB in Residential Areas
*Pedestrian Law (Human/Living being hit while crossing the road, shall claim life time insurance/compensation including Hospital treatment charges beared by offenders)
*Speed Limit (All roads & Vehicles in the city are speed limited.Voilating speed limit shall be levied with hefty fine/cancellation of driving license which ever is applicable)
*Vehicles (BMTC,Travel...etc) that block the roads whould be levied with hefty fine, if repeated Vehicle Registration shall be cancelled
*Vehicle manufacturers to be given memorandum that reverse horns shall generate noise only less than 45 dB

Request to Citizens to learn Attitude on roads:
*Avoid harming you & Neighborhood by Incessant Honking
*Avoid Careless Attitude on 'Roads' (Breaking Lanes is being source of inspiration for others to break lanes over & over.When we don't change, we can't ask others to change)
*Learn Go Slow Attitude at 'Pedestrian Crossing' [2 way responsibility - person who rides the vehicle & the person who crosses the road]
*Learn Responsible behavior on 'Roads' (Wait for a moment at Green Signals or wait for other vehicle to move on. Avoid mindless honking)

Noise pollution can result to Physical Effects:
hearing loss, digestive disorders, birth defects, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, headaches, asthma, hypertension, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, altered immune system

Psychological Effects:
depression, anger, aggression, anxiety, increased violence, alcohol and drug use, fatigue, increase in suicide, decreased social skills, personality disorders

Communicative Effects:

decreased learning capacity, memory loss, poor language skills, decreased speech development, decreased academic performance, decreased cognitive ability

Senior Citizens, Infants & Children including you and me at the end of the day deserve to have peaceful sleep.Display your humanity, be responsible in protecting everyone's right to live in Quiet & Peaceful 'City Bengaluru'

Thanking you.

NoHonkingPlease (